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Our Policies

Time-Now has the commitment to reduce the environmental footprint of our services, protect the health and safety of our coworkers, and offer our clients sustainable solutions.

In our quest for continued improvement of corporate performance in areas such as finance, sustainability, learning and corporate growth, Time-Now has implemented its Integrated Management System.

Certifications and Integrated Management System

By offering the best services to our clients, we achieve recognition for our work.

Time-Now obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification, an achievement which reflects our commitment with our clients.

In 2004, Time-Now received the Quality Award Espírito Santo (PQES) in the Bronze class (2004), and in 2006, in the Silver class (2006), awards which reflect the quality of our strategic management model.

These awards align with criteria established by Brazil's National Quality Foundation (FNQ) and with the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Time-Now follows environmental standards (ISO 14001:2015), as well as standards of safety in the workplace (OHSAS 18001:2007), and social responsibility (NBR 16001).

We are currently implementing our Integrated Management System, a commitment with our clients, coworkers and with the environment.

People Management

The main objective of Time-Now's policy of People Management is to value and develop talents.

We try to value our human capital because we believe that we can only achieve positive results if our coworkers are motivated and integrated.

With this in mind, we strongly invest in capacity building and in the continuous development of our professionals, creating an environment suitable for the personal and professional development of each coworker and investing in quality of life and well-being of all.


We believe that as a company we are able to do much more for people and for the world in which we live. For us, sustainability is to provide the best to people and to the environment. Therefore, we celebrate a commitment with our coworkers, clients and the environment.

With effective actions, we seek to involve and stimulate in our coworkers a sustainable way of acting, we are concerned with promoting action that contribute with the social development, being partners with social and environmental projects.

Policy of the IMS

Time-Now, a nationally recognized company in the area of Project Deployment Management solutions, develops its processes continuously improving the effectiveness of the management system in all dimensions of performance.
Its integrated policy has the following premises:


Identify, understand and meet customer requirements, promoting customer satisfaction, and meeting stakeholder requirements.


Identify environmental aspects, reducing adverse impacts to the environment, preventing pollution and committing to comply with legislation.

Health and Safety at the Workplace:

Identify occupational hazards and risks, prevent injuries and diseases, and commit to comply with legislation.

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ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015

OSHAS 18001:2007